DWM Home Inspections, LLC


Real-World Experience

DWM Home Inspections, LLC is a unique inspection company that serves the Golden Triangle area as well as surrounding counties. DWM is the only inspection service that has experience in actual building and renovation processes and years of experience in architectural inspection.



From The Ground Up

Daniel Melton, owner of DWM Home Inspections, LLC began his professional life in the construction industry upon the completion of his BS degree from Mississippi State University, but his education began long before.

"I had worked summers during my high school years building and remodeling homes under a Master Craftsman. Everything from that point on was focused toward learning all I could about putting a building together from the ground up. This put me on the path to actual building construction, project management and estimating, and, ultimately, to work as an on-site building inspector for one of the largest architectural firms in Mississippi."

While working in the architecture industry, Daniel studied under structural, civil, electrical, and mechanical engineers attaining a comprehensive knowledge of every field of construction. This not only afforded valuable information on how systems should work, but how those systems can fail - and how to restore the same to its original function and purpose.

Melton is a member of the Construction Specifications Institute, the American Society of Professional Estimators. DWM Home Inspections, LLC is licensed by the State of Mississippi and holds certification from the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. DWM is fully insured with with general liability and errors and omissions insurance.




Inspections and Reports

Inspections are done based on a simple philosophy - ‘What would I want to know if I were purchasing the home myself?’.

Inspections evaluate every major aspect of a home from its structural integrity, the projected lifespan of the roof, down to the opening and closing of cabinet doors. Inspections identify not only the things an average client might easily see, but also the underlying components and systems.

Inspection reports are customized for each home and client - not a ‘store-bought’ inspection program that relies on check boxes and photograph insertions. Reports cover the basic facts and include a summary cover page.

Realtors enjoy seeing DWM’s reports because they are clear, concise, and provide commentary identifying the cause of the problems discovered and the best course of action for correction and prevention of recurring issues.

“Daniel’s inspections and reports place my Clients at ease and make them comfortable in knowing their inspection was performed by someone who has been in construction and has the knowledge to provide them with the information needed to make an informed decision about their potential purchase.” says Lori Kyle of Adams Realty.